Religious Education

St Michael’s Primary School is one of three schools that belong to St Michael’s Parish Community.

We believe that Religious Education must be seen within a developmental framework. The family is central to all learning with parents being the primary educators of their children. Therefore, strong family, school and parish links are encouraged.

Religious Education is a daily part of the timetable in each grade.  The curriculum content is based on the Sale Diocesan Guidelines for Religious Education, To Live in Christ Jesus, covering learning of the Sacramental Church, Christian Life and Catholic Social Teaching, Life and Mission of Jesus and Triune God, Scripture, Tradition, Prayer and Liturgy and Religion and Society.



On particular occasions, the whole school community attends Mass and prayer services at St Michael's church. Parents are encouraged to attend liturgical celebrations held at various times throughout the school year.

Sacramental Program 

The St Michael's Sacramental Program, in line with Diocesan policy, is Family centred, Parish based and School supported. 

Whilst the Sacramental Program is part of the Prep to Grade Six curriculum, specific emphasis is given in Grade 4 to Reconciliation and Eucharist, and Grade 6 to Confirmation. Class programs also work in closely with the seasons of the Church and special Feast days.