Following the establishment of St Michael's Parish, Berwick in 1956, the Parish hall was converted to a school building.  St Michael's School opened in 1962 with 60 students of Prep to Grade Six ages, distributed over 3 classrooms.  The first principal was Sr De Sales (PBVM), Presentation Sister of the Presentation Order.

1967: The 'Senior School' building consisting of four classrooms was completed.  This was followed by the construction of the 'Junior Building' consisting of four classrooms, administration and staff room and a central 'circulation' area.

To further their ministry in other areas of Church life, the Presentation Sisters withdrew from administering and teaching in St Michael's School. 

1975:  Junior School building containing four classrooms was completed.

1986:  Mr Bob Fitzsimons was appointed as the first lay principal.

1987:  As the school continued to grow in enrolments, further buildings were added.  These included a new administration area and two classrooms.  

1992:  Completion of a new school library.

Pressure for places at St Michael's led to the establishment of a second parish primary school.  In 1996, St Catherine's school commenced operation in the original school building with 56 students.  In 1997, St Catherines moved to its permanent site at Berwick South.

2001: Major building works were undertaken to create six new classrooms with a central internal corridor adjoining the old senior building. 

The senior building was extensively refurbished and a new computer laboratory established.


2002: Wedge Hall was demolished to make way for the installation of additional basketball/netball court area with shade cloth structure.  Its place is now taken up with a basketball court and shade cloth structure.  Pressure for places at St Michael's led to the establishment of a third parish primary school.  In 2002, St Brigid's school commenced operation at St Michael's.


2008:  New oval was established.


05ViewToGate.jpg  04ViewFromTop.jpg

2009:  St Brigid's Primary School was established in Officer, making it the third primary school within the St Michael's Parish.

2010:  Completion of the school's stadium, comprising of a full size basketball court, retractable seating, kitchen, toilets, storage and off street parking.


2014: In 2014 work on Foundation House commenced.  This building had originally been the Parish Presbytery and later the Parish Office.  The building was gifted to the school in 2013 and was completely refurbished and added to, to create Foundation House for our youngest, most vulnerable and tender students within our school community. It was officially opened by Fr Peter Slater on 16th November 2014.  This new, creative learning space ensures our Foundation students are in a vibrant, relevant place of learning for future generations, but more importantly a sacred place where our children can grow in the understanding of their God, themselves and each other, preparing them for a future unknown to us in a rapidly changing world.  Maria Kirkwood, our Director of Education in Diocese of Sale attended the opening. Her understanding eye on the needs of this school community and her support has been strongly felt.


2016: Refurbishment of the Administration area of the school

2015:Demolition of Old Junior Learning Centre


2016: Completion of Junior Learning Centre. This includes 6 learning spaces, toilets, storage area, teacher work space and break out area as well as a wide corridor.


2020: Playground works to ensure the utilisation of maximum play space for our children. This includes a soccer ground and a NINJA playground along the southern boundary of the school.

After the past 8 years of refurbishment, renovation, reconfiguring and rebuilding, the school plan is now complete and a new Masterplan will be created for the future years to come.