Environment and Sustainability

As a Catholic community St Michael's school, through it's Religious Education teaching and learning assists children to come to identify God as the loving creator who gives life. They recognise that through their senses they can experience and appreciate their world, created by God and entrusted to their care. Children learn how to be stewards of creation with the responsibility to respect and nurture life. 

Children explore through science inquiry questions the importance of the environment and sustainability. They also explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives when learning about the environment and sustainability.


Our school houses a SCRgroup Recycle with Mondo Hub. SCRgroup is a innovative company for the recovery of Australia’s unwanted clothing. Mondo Hubs divert clothing from landfill giving them a second life in local and global communities where they are needed most. They also provide employment opportunities for people living with disabilities and youth at risk. What can’t be reused, is either turned into rags or converted into an alternate fuel called biofuel. By hosting and promoting our Mondo Hub children learn about the environmental impact everyday items have on the environment.