Mission & Vision

St Michael's School Mission

 By leading with integrity, with intent and with courage, St Michael’s Primary School commits to:

Embracing our Faith to Inspire Courage and Kindness


Living out our Christian responsibilities courageously and kindly in seeking justice and respect for all.

‘Walking in the footsteps of Jesus’, Witnessing to Him in all we say and do.

Providing guidance from the Text and Traditions of the Catholic Church.


Igniting a Passion for Dynamic Learning


Thinking critically, discerning wisely and valuing the search for the truth. Providing a curriculum that is meaningful, relevant and appropriate.

Pursuing excellence within a collaborative, creative and reflective learning culture.


A Knowing and Belonging for Every Child


Embracing stories, celebrating uniqueness and respecting difference. Creating a safe, secure, inclusive and respectful learning community. Fostering an optimistic, reflective community where young minds and spirits thrive.

St Michael's School Vision